Our vision

Our vision is to be the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals producer, operating in a safe, sustainable, and reliable manner.

To achieve our vision, we continue to make progress on our journey to grow additional value and strengthen our resilience to crude oil market volatility through the strategic integration of our downstream operations and the development of our chemicals business. 

Our vision: To be the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals producer

Our performance is made possible through the power and ingenuity of our people, combined with cutting-edge technology and the steadfast execution of our long-term reservoir management strategy.

Our commitment to research and development underpins our vision. The development and deployment of advanced technology is critical to the execution of our strategy and is embedded in our operational model. We focus on innovative ideas and technologies that will make our resources more accessible, useful, sustainable, and competitive — helping ensure global energy security.

The scale of our upstream and downstream operations, and our expertise across the hydrocarbon value chain, position us to identify and capitalize on new opportunities and enter new markets. Equally important is our commitment to be a safe, responsible, and reliable provider of petroleum — one of the world’s most important sources of energy — enabling the progress of people, communities, and countries around the globe.