Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools

Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools (SAES) enjoys an outstanding worldwide reputation for its quality educational program, professional staff, student achievement, supportive parents, excellent facilities, and company support.

Saudi Aramco generously provides for the schools, recognizing that a world-class program will continue to attract excellent employees and their families.

Since 1940, Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools has provided educational services to dependents of Saudi Aramco employees. We are proud of our accomplishments and have received tremendous recognition from parents, former students, staff members, consultants, professional organizations and other schools. An outstanding school system, located in a fascinating region of the world, has proved to be rewarding for students and parents.

The mission of Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools is to provide each student with an excellent education in support of attracting and retaining an international workforce. Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools will be a preeminent school system where students achieve their maximum potential in a culture of continuous improvement. This is our vision.

Our professional staff has an abiding passion to work effectively with young people, a desire to promote student learning, expand students' cultural awareness and provide unique opportunities to expatriate students.

Student/teacher ratios have been established in Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools. In K4 through grade 9, the number of students per teacher may go up to 20 in core classes and to 25 in exploratory classes. For band/chorus/PE, the maximum total daily contact per teacher is 200 students.