Why Aramco?

We are currently undergoing a major transformation program to realize our vision to become the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company by 2020. We’re wholly focused on maximizing income, facilitating the sustainable and diversified expansion of the Kingdom’s economy, and enabling a globally competitive and vibrant energy sector. Key to achieving our aims is a 56,000-strong workforce comprising homegrown talent and more than 80 nationalities.

Saudi Aramco is already one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. To put that into perspective, we supply 25% of the world’s daily oil supplies. We manage proven crude oil reserves of 260 billion barrels and the world’s fourth largest gas reserves, with 253 trillion cubic feet.

Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest exporter of petroleum, with a daily output that stands at nearly twice our nearest competitor. We lead the way in terms of natural gas liquids exports; we’re among the leading producers of natural gas; and we are actively exploring the potential in renewable energy deployment.
Yet nothing stands still in the energy industry. This is why we have completed a series of multibillion dollar projects to boost our petroleum output and meet increasing global energy demand, while ensuring our own leadership position for years to come.

As well as playing a huge role in the global energy industry, we are a chief driver of national economic growth in Saudi Arabia, which has allowed us to assume a level of societal responsibility well beyond the scope of most companies.

Your opportunity

We are investing in pioneering new technologies – but, more significantly, in our people. Innovation is a key part of our future business strategy – and in a world that’s changing at an ever-increasing pace, we succeed because we encourage innovation in our employees to develop and implement new solutions.

In exploration, production, refining or marketing – indeed, in areas right across our business – every employee has the opportunity to enhance their skills in a dynamic, supportive community. Plus, the rich heritage and stimulating culture of Saudi Arabia make Saudi Aramco a genuinely exciting place to develop your career.

We recognize and value professional growth and achievement, so you will have ample opportunities to develop your career and expertise. We’re proud to administer one of the largest, most comprehensive training and development programs in the world. As one of our professionals, you will be encouraged to take part in professional societies and joint industry task forces committed to excellence.

Additionally, you will benefit from the experiences, abilities and perspectives of a multinational, multidisciplinary workforce. In an environment of collaboration, our employees have been responsible for numerous technical breakthroughs and innovations, and received industry awards and recognition for advancing the industry's knowledge of oil and gas exploration and production.

So, if you have the talent to realize our vision, today and tomorrow, we will reward it with the career and lifestyle that fulfills your ambition to dream big.