Building a culture of safety

Our focus on safety extends well beyond our operations and into our communities.

Numerous campaigns and public events are conducted every year to further advance the value and practice of safety in the workplace and homes of our employees and their families. 

Traffic safety

Motor vehicle accidents are a major threat to the safety of our employees off the job: Saudi Arabia has one of the highest traffic fatality rates among developing countries. To combat this issue, particularly among younger drivers who represent the future of the Kingdom, we deploy multiple measures to promote safe driving and general road safety, including the following:

We have renewed our support for the Saudi Aramco Chair for Traffic Safety at the University of Dammam. Over the first three years of the program, research and analysis were conducted in areas such as crash investigations, highway studies, and traffic data analysis, and a Bachelor of Science program in Transportation was created, among other accomplishments.

We have installed 2,100 driver monitoring devices in the private vehicles of our trainee employees to monitor the movement of the vehicles and driver behavior. Data from the devices enabled us to assess driver behavior and educate trainees on safe driving practices.

Safety awareness campaigns

To help foster a culture of safety and amplify the impact of our safety knowledge and practices, we have conducted several safety awareness campaigns Kingdom-wide. Through our efforts, more than 2,000 employees, dependents and students have participated in the campaigns. Topics have included home fire safety, electrical safety, emergency procedures, hand hygiene, fire extinguisher use, first aid and driving safety. 

Safety House program

Safety houses are facilities that replicate a standard Saudi Aramco house in our employee communities. It features informative photographs, safety statistics, and examples of proper and improper furniture placement to demonstrate safety measures within the house. The safety house program covers fire safety for the entire house in an atmosphere designed to promote learning. Information on first aid procedures for burns is also available. Other safety topics addressed in the safety houses include household chemicals, electrical safety, gas exposure, medication safe practices and CPR training.

Fire safety

Fire safety — in our operations and at home — requires constant vigilance. As a global industry leader, we maintain a clear perspective on the importance of fire safety through fire prevention and proper fire response. When it comes to our facilities, we apply comprehensive fire and safety standards in the design, construction and operation of our facilities. Engineering standards, operating and maintenance procedures and emergency response training and planning all play a critical role in the prevention and control of fires. We conduct numerous fire protection outreach programs throughout the year to inspect facilities and buildings for fire hazards and to educate employees and the public about fire safety issues.