Empowering communities

Just as we enable opportunities for people at home and around the world through the energy of our petroleum resources, we also enable opportunities through the energy of our people.

Wherever we work, we strive to link our support for the needs and priorities of local communities with our strategic objectives and competencies.

While the Kingdom has witnessed remarkable social and economic development in recent decades, safe, healthy, and vibrant communities remain the foundation for future progress and development.

We engage communities globally and throughout the Kingdom with a wide range of programs that build on the country’s cultural and social traditions to facilitate greater economic opportunities while instilling sustainable environmental practices. By providing enhanced skills, practices, and tools to a broad spectrum of craft workers, farmers, and micro-enterprises, we seek to make a real difference in the ability of people to achieve a successful future for themselves, their families, and their local communities.

These programs, designed to empower people to shape their own economic future by creating additional value from traditional crafts and resources, help communities secure a sustainable future — for themselves and the environment of Saudi Arabia.

Accelerating potential

Our targeted citizenship engagement programs are consistent with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals for social and economic development. Their cumulative effect will help accelerate the potential of people throughout the Kingdom to build dynamic and vibrant communities, and spur progress toward an innovative, diverse, and sustainable economy that supports our long-term business vision.

Enhancing sustainable practices

In partnership with the Warehouse Charitable Society, we have established nurseries for growing olive tree seedlings at al-Jawf in northern Saudi Arabia to generate new income opportunities for families.

In al-Bahah, southwestern Saudi Arabia, we support families by building a training center for beekeeping and developing training courses in partnership with the Beekeepers Cooperative Association. The project also includes the planting of 50,000 tree seedlings to support a larger population of bees. The area has a long tradition of honey production and our support is helping raise standards, expand the industry, and increase honey production.

Together with the Aldayer Charitable Society, we are working to raise knowledge and improve standards for coffee production among more than 560 farmers in the Jazan Mountains, southwestern Saudi Arabia. We provided training and tools, planted new coffee trees, and secured an off-taker to elevate product standards and support the growth of the industry.

Through collaboration with the Coast Guard and Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the Yanbu’ area, we helped boost the ability of 50 fishermen to support their families by enriching their knowledge, improving standards, and providing them with new fishing boats and related equipment.

Local manufacturing

We have provided equipment and training to raise standards and product quality of the wool and textile production in Hafer Al Batin, making local businesses more competitive and sustainable. As part of this effort, we worked with the Committee for Civil and Social Development to renovate a local textile center, and provided training and marketing expertise to 200 beneficiaries with the goal of expanding the local economy.

To empower the craft and souvenir industry in Makkah, we are partnering with the Um AlQura Females Charitable Organization to generate income opportunities for the local workforce. We provided advanced equipment and training to 23 candidates, from a target of 100, and established relationships with packaging, marketing, and distribution experts to localize the production of gifts and souvenirs. 

Shamah Autism Center

This is the first multidisciplinary autism center for Saudi children in the Eastern Province. In conjunction with a local special education and rehabilitation center and a U.K.-based autism school, the Center, fills critical gaps in the way autism is treated in the province.  

John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

We have earned a reputation for diligently supporting and enhancing the health of our employees, retirees, and dependents. Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), our health care joint venture with Johns Hopkins Medicine, delivers the best possible care for our people and contributes to the health and well-being of the people of Saudi Arabia through collaboration, research, and education.


In Thuwal, the town adjacent to KAUST, we have enhanced the infrastructure with two flood control channels, seven new schools equipped with the latest in smart classrooms, a medical clinic, mosques, a cultural park, roads, a sewage treatment plant and an electrical substation. The project has improved the quality of life for residents and enables sustainable future growth.

Safety awareness

Numerous safety awareness campaigns and outreach programs are conducted throughout the country in schools, training institutes, shopping malls, and cultural festivals, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. We are working to improve safe driving habits through instilling knowledge, raising awareness, building emergency response capacity, and implementing technological solutions to discourage unsafe driving.

The Traffic Safety Signature Program, a collaborative effort with government ministries, traffic enforcement agencies, and civilian entities, is designed to drive a cultural transformation in traffic safety and eliminate the root causes of traffic incidents. The program help empower youth to become safe driving role models and safety advocates for the wider benefit of their communities.

Building sustainable communities

The health and well-being of our employees and their families are essential enabling factors for our people to perform at their best. We continued progress in 2017 on several large-scale planned communities, each of which is designed to model leading sustainability practices.

Our largest project is the South Dhahran Home Ownership Program (Ajyal, Arabic for “generations”), which is planned to provide 8,500 residential units. Last year, we completed 180 houses. In our East Dammam I project, we distributed 228 villas, and in East Dammam II, we distributed 764 lots ready for owners to begin home construction. Since 1951, our Home Ownership Program has financed more than 68,000 new homes for Saudi families.

In addition, we developed a slate of new housing in existing communities, including the completion of 360 housing units for occupancy in our main community of Dhahran.