Most advanced reservoir modeling technology

Dr. Ali Dogru leading work with the TeraPOWERS team.

In 2016, we achieved the industry’s first trillion-cell simulation and hydrocarbon migration algorithm, run on the latest evolution of our POWERS (parallel oil and water enhanced reservoir simulator) technology.

Our TeraPOWERS team ran the industry's first trillion-cell simulation and hydrocarbon migration algorithm.

We developed POWERS in-house, and at the time of its first deployment in 2000, it was capable of million-cell models. In 2010, we unveiled GigaPOWERS, which ran billion-cell models.

Now, the development of TeraPOWERS will make it possible to model the physics of hydrocarbon reservoirs from their original generation to their final production, from microscopic rock pore scale all the way to giant field and even basin scale.

The insights generated by TeraPOWERS, combined with data gleaned from core samples, allows for more precise drilling.

The breakthrough model was made possible through collaboration with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), located north of Jiddah on the Red Sea.

TeraPOWERS will help prioritize prospects, reduce exploration risks and costs, and enable us to sustainably manage the Kingdom’s oil and gas resources for future generations.