The power of cogeneration

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power systems, capture the heat from a plant’s exhaust stream and convert it into useful thermal energy. The benefits of cogeneration systems are significant: less fuel is required to produce energy and because the energy is produced within the plant, energy is not lost in transmission over power lines. And because less fuel is burned, emissions are lower.

Adopting innovative technology to improve energy efficiency

Achieving self-sufficiency in electrical power for our operating plants through cogeneration is a key element of our energy management efforts. By utilizing the waste heat from our facilities, we generate electricity to run our operations, lower emissions, and reduce our impact on the nation’s power grid.

During 2016, we brought 984 megawatts of new power capacity online by completing a suite of cogeneration projects, including the expansion of facilities at Shaybah, completion of facilities at Wasit Gas Plant, and the construction of joint venture facilities with the Power Cogeneration Project Company at Hawiyah, Abqaiq, and Ras Tanura.

The adoption of cogeneration technology helps us promote energy efficiency, lower the energy intensity of our operating plants, add value to our hydrocarbon resources and protect the environment.