For more than eight decades, we have prudently managed Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas reserves to maximize their long-term value, and to enable the growth of economies around the world.

New onshore and offshore drilling joint ventures will ensure we have the tools and the people to transform the potential energy of petroleum into greater opportunity.

In this time, we have grown to become the world's leading producer of crude oil and condensate.

Over the decades, we have matured our understanding of the Kingdom’s geology and built an integrated network of oil and gas production and processing facilities. By combining technologies developed in-house with leading industry practices, we enhance our reserves base and optimize production from Saudi Arabia’s reservoirs. 

Transforming potential into opportunity

We create maximum value from the Kingdom’s resources by reinforcing our preeminent position in exploration and production, replacing produced oil, increasing gas reserves, and growing oil and gas production while optimizing costs.

Tapping the Kingdom's vast hydrocarbon resources requires best-in-class technology, such as this drilling rig designed in-house.

Petroleum is the original wellspring of Saudi Arabia’s prosperity, and the foundation of its continued growth. Our drive to create more value from the resource base is powered by the expertise and ingenuity of our people, our relentless focus on best-in-class practices, operational efficiency, the use of innovative technologies, and research into the sustainable use of hydrocarbons.

Together, these capabilities help to further diversify the economy and launch new business opportunities for oil field service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, and technology developers.