Building on more than eight decades of exploration experience, our geoscientists continue to enchance our understanding of the Kingdom's hydrocarbon resources.

Through a long-term outlook, effective planning, and the use of cutting edge technologies, we continue to find new field, add reserves, and develop more efficient methods to produce and process oil and gas.

This accumulated knowledge and expertise enables us to replace reserves through new discoveries, the delineation and reassessment of existing fields, and revisions of reserve estimates in producing reservoirs and fields.

Crude oil and gas exploration activities during 2017 resulted in the discovery of two new oil fields and one new gas reservoir. The new oil fields discovered in 2017 were: Sakab, southeast of Haradh, and Zumul, in the Rub’ al-Khali. The new gas reservoir discovered was Jauf, in the Sahba field.

The Kingdom ended 2017 with proved reserves in the fields we operate of 332.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

Our proficiency in finding new oil and gas reserves enables our sustainable growth as a company. We secure this growth by enhancing the expertise of our people, developing and deploying the latest technologies, and continuously improving the efficiency of our operations to sustain our best-in-class performance.