Material Suppliers

Saudi Aramco for a long time is proud to have its material requirements supplied by local and international suppliers. Our goal always with our suppliers is to develop a mutually beneficial relationships that will allow us and them to attain the highest level of excellence. We have worked successfully with the suppliers offering their materials and we understand the significance of the relationships we develop with them.

Saudi Aramco is looking for suppliers with high quality standards, innovative products, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. As well, it searches for suppliers that add value to the local content, to the supply chain and have the ability to scale to meet growth changes within the business.

Whether those firms are large, medium, or small; whether their relationship with Saudi Aramco is new or long-standing, we want to share business success with them in the future.

Material Supplier Guide

This guide is for material suppliers including vendors and manufacturers. The terms and conditions of any purchase orders or procurement agreements between Saudi Aramco and suppliers shall supersede any understanding, implied or given here. This guide is provided to help suppliers to:

  • Register and manage their online relationship with Saudi Aramco
  • Obtain access to Saudi Aramco’s supplier systems
  • Use Saudi Aramco’s systems to conduct supply chain transactions
  • Understand supplier performance measures and outcomes.