Working with local and international businesses is a crucial step in achieving our business goals to transfer know-how and technologies.

With our New Business Development (NBD) team, we’re interested in pursuing and promoting new business opportunities in two ways – through building local enterprise and establishing partnerships.

How NBD works

NBD is responsible for identifying, receiving, evaluating, shaping and closing new business deals that create value for Saudi Aramco and foster the development of the Kingdom through economic growth, increased private sector participation and job creation.

Local enterprise partnerships

We have a standard program to identify energy related goods and services that we use the most. NBD helps promote and support the establishment of enterprises in the Kingdom to manufacture such equipment and provide such services.

Our local enterprise program works to:

  • Promote local supply chain to international and local investors.
  • Support investors interested in establishing local energy support industries and services.
  • Guide foreign investors through the investment process: working with government agencies, identifying local partners if needed and discussing available financial options.

Industrial venture partnerships

We’re actively pursuing business opportunities that leverage oil and gas resources by promoting in-Kingdom industrial ventures and service enterprises.

We work with industrial partners to:

  • Promote the creation of industrial clusters and manufacturing and service enterprises that support the company's core business and its value chain.
  • Facilitate entrepreneurship.
  • Develop third party power and co-generation projects.

This program is all about setting up new businesses in the Kingdom that will extend the value chain of the energy industry.